We’ve been tackling complex challenges in heat-intensive applications for over 35 years. Through innovation, co-creation with customers & suppliers and cutting-edge technology, we’ve developed solutions that will revolutionize your business. Here are some examples.

Durable & Easy-Install Insulation for Boilers, Water Heaters and Air Heaters

Vacuum-formed insulation can be brittle, short-lived and difficult to install. They often break quickly, leading to more maintenance or warranty claims. The Pioneer® Hybrid is our unbreakable, cost-effective, all-in-one solution that maximizes heat retention, lowers the cold face temperature and has the flange and, if desired, burner gasket integrated into the refractory for fast and straightforward installation.

Refractory only Pioneer®

Looking for a drop-in solution for conventional refractory products? By producing gasketless Pioneers, a suitable solution for any application can be realized.

Alternative fuels

Our products are not only resistant to conventional gases from the second and third gas family according to EN437, but they are also deployable for hydrogen applications and even oil-fired burners.
Compatible for gasses like:
Natural gas
Propane air
100% Hydrogen (H2)

Insulation for Ultra-Low NOx Furnaces

As a consequence of having to comply with strict Ultra-Low NOx (ULN) emissions regulation, premix burner combustion in furnaces produces extreme heat. Burner plates and heat exchanger tubes in air heaters and furnaces cannot withstand this leading to overheating, increased maintenance and warranty claims. We developed our Ultra-Low NOx Furnaces Insulation to help ensure the longevity and efficiency of your Ultra-Low NOx appliance.

Cost-Effective Alternative to Full & Flexible Graphite Gaskets

Traditionally, gaskets for igniter and ionization pens are made from full graphite or flexible graphite, a relatively costly and sometimes brittle material that requires immediate replacement whenever the pen is removed for maintenance. This is a costly and inefficient process. We developed Kerasil® HD (High Density), a more cost-effective and practical alternative, while offering unbeatable durability, flexibility and longevity.

Cost-Effective Alternative to Full Silicone & Rubber

While silicone is a high-performance material with unique properties such as high temperature resistance, flexibility and durability, its high-quality raw materials and complex manufacturing processes are costly. Same goes for rubber. Kerasil® is our innovative, cost-efficient solution that consists of a fusion of glass fiberpaper and our Kerasil® silicone or graphite mix. It eliminates waste in cutting and is available in tailormade dimensions.

Full Silicone Alternative With Reduced Creep Relaxation

Silicone has proven benefits in its sealing application in high temperature environments, which is why we developed the cost effective alternative Kerasil®. However, one of the drawbacks of silicone is that creep relaxation can occur. To reduce the occurrence of creep relaxation, we created Kerasil® HD (High Density). By adding graphite to our traditional Kerasil® recipe, it retains the benefits of a silicone gasket, while reducing creep relaxation. A win-win!

3D Signaveris

When it comes to complex geometries exposed to extreme heat, an ordinary flat Signaveris doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, you need more volume to fill a cavity and keep it cool. Available in a wide variety of sizes and custom-made to fit the geometry of the targeted area.

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