July 26, 2023

Our mission to reduce silicon waste material

ICL Gaskets & Insulation ´s mission to combat silicone waste in gasket manufacturing holds paramount importance in today's environmentally conscious world. Discover how Kerasil® reduces waste and carbon footprint while revolutionizing the heat-intensive industry.

In 1987 ICL set out on a mission to reduce silicone waste material in the manufacturing of fibre reinforced gaskets. In the conventional production method, gaskets are cut out of big rolls of siliconized raw material, leaving loads of scrap silicone. To combat this waste material ICL developed a new gasket material:  Kerasil®, a fibre reinforced temperature resistant silicone gasket material which reduces the carbon footprint (compared to conventional fibre reinforced gasket production methods) by using less raw materials.

Currently ICL produces three different finishes within the Kerasil® silicone product family*: Standard Quality, Extra Quality and Extra Extra Quality

Kerasil® HD

After the launch of Kerasil®, ICL Gaskets & Insulation further developed the silicone compound to fit more needs. In this quest Kerasil® High-Density was born in 2019. Specially developed by ICL to provide a lower compression set at higher temperatures compared to Standard-, Extra- and Extra-Extra-Quality Kerasil®. To achieve this material characteristic Kerasil® HD is graphite infused and therefore giving it Higher Density.

Kerasil hybrids

Kerasil® and Kerasil® HD are currently used in a plethora of products within ICL’s product portfolio. ICL has even implemented both material within one product creating a hybrid product such as: HDTwix and HDCore.

Interested after this read? ICL Gaskets & Insulation can provide you with samples of Kerasil® SQ – Kerasil® EQ – Kerasil® EEQ or Kerasil® HD material in the geometry of your choice, ready to be assessed in your desired application. Contact us now to join a greener future for your projects: tailors@iclbv.nl. Embrace sustainable manufacturing with ICL´s transformative gasket materials.

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