July 19, 2023

Collaborate to future-proof your HVAC system

Do you want to make your HVAC products more sustainable? ICL Gaskets & Insulation is your perfect partner to reach your goals. The HVAC industry is embracing sustainable energy solutions, but outdated refractory technology remains prevalent. ICL offers early-stage collaboration to integrate thermal management into HVAC development.

Future-proofing HVAC & combustion systems

Developing future proof HVAC technology can be a complex task. The demand for sustainable energy has pushed the HVAC industry to focus on innovation. How come most HVAC systems are becoming smarter by the day but still rely on more than 50-year-old refractory technology?

Aspects like sustainability, cost efficiency, comfort and ease of construction are considered when developing HVAC systems. The refractory techniques used however are usually an oversight. ICL Gaskets & Insulation wants to bring a change to that by offering the possibility to join your development process in an early stage. By having one of our engineers joining your development team, thermal management of your HVAC products becomes an insight instead of an oversight. Our engineers bring development expertise in different technical fields; from refractory technology, insulating sleeves, gaskets or a combination of those mentioned.

Cooperative Product Development.

Our Engineering team is open to join the product development team at any stage, even if the product is launched. However, the sooner we participate in the development process of the heat source in combustion heating systems, the more value we can bring to the table. ICL has finished multiple experimental projects in collaboration with companies worldwide successfully, where the result is a thermal management product in the shape of Fibrous Refractory Products. We design products in a scalable and cost-effective manner to fit your needs.

What markets and what products?

Whether the heating application in development is destined for residential, commercial or industrial settings. ICL can design and produce a custom made, perfect fitting solution. We do not shy away from unique revolutionary projects where heat management is an issue. This is a challenge we like to tackle together.

Let's collaborate to design the perfect solution for your heating application. We'll future-proof your HVAC system. Send us an enquiry to tailors@iclbv.nl and let us join your team, together we can push your product to the extreme.

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