August 21, 2023

Be a Pioneer® in your HVAC system

The development of HVAC systems takes place for over a century. ICL Gasket & Insulation’s latest invention dates of 2016 and has both sustainable and durable advantages.

The history of the modern furnace and its challenges.

In 1919, Alice Parker invented and patented the first American central heating system. This revolutionary device marked the end of the era when families had to gather around a fireplace for warmth. The central heating system brought about a remarkable improvement by allowing better temperature regulation and more efficient heat distribution throughout homes. Thanks to her innovation, people could enjoy a more comfortable and evenly heated living environment.

Since then, HVAC systems have come a long way in their development. During the manufacturing process of modern furnaces, refractory linings are used to insulate furnace cover plates. This task is not only highly specialized but also tedious to complete. Conventional refractory linings hold a reputation of being one of the most delicate materials used in boiler design. Its fragility makes it susceptible to breaking easily. Repairing or replacing refractory parts can be a costly endeavor, adding to the overall maintenance expenses of the boiler system. Additionally, the process of fixing or replacing refractory components often requires considerable time, causing the boiler to be out of commission for extended periods. This downtime can be disruptive and may affect the operations that rely on the boiler's functionality.


To combat this problem, ICL Gaskets & Insulation developed the Pioneer® in 2016. A combination of a Kerasil® gasket and a cover plate refractory lining. By integrating multiple products into one, time can be saved both in the production of HVAC systems and in the maintenance stage. The Pioneer® uses flexible refractory materials to mitigate the chance of fractures or breakage of the lining.

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Our Pioneer® is not only a solution for conventional refractory linings designs. It can be implemented in a custom-made product for any type of furnace. The manufacturing process of the Pioneer® makes it possible to implement smaller offsets on electrodes and sensors that pass through the lining.

Hot takes on the Pioneer®:

·        Easier to install

·        Quicker to install

·        Easier to replace

·        Quicker to replace

·        Less fragile*

·        More design freedom

·        Tighter fits on sensors

·        Longer lifespan

*(compared to conventional furnace lining)

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