Who is ICL

Words can only do so much… Therefore, have a look at this short clip (2min) where Commercial Director Remco Tournier gives you an introduction and takes you on a tour round ICL Gaskets & Insulation.

What do we do?
ICL Gasket & Insulation develops, produces and monitors high temperature resistant gaskets, seals and insulation material. Kerasil 325® plays an important role in this. Developed in-house, this material is based on fibre paper and silicone. Other base materials are used in addition to Kerasil 325®, such as safe materials, vermiculite, stainless steel foil, graphite, rubber, felt, etc.

Advisory body
Providing advice is an important part of what ICL Gasket & Insulation does. Clients can benefit from specialist know-how and experience from an early stage onward and without any obligations. Sometimes, an existing product provides the solution, but usually base materials are processed and treated in our own factory, so that the product can be supplied in every shape and size.

ISO 9001: certified since 2008
Every product supplied meets the strictest quality requirements. To guarantee this, ICL operates its own quality system that covers every step of the business process. Regular quality inspections are conducted for third parties.